Ticking the box or engaging the hard to reach…


P3 are able to make significant contributions to enabling local people to influence public service delivery.


The approach of ‘one size fits all’ becomes less appropriate for service delivery and the same applies to consultation processes. Urged to ‘listen to the customer’, organisations find themselves having to deliver not to ‘the community’ but to a range of different communities, often with widely differing cultures which can make them ‘hard to reach’. The reasons why groups can be ‘hard to reach’ range vary enormously from age or alienation to language and life style.



We fill a gap in the market by offering a research and consultation service that specialises in reaching the ‘hard to reach’.


P3 has an excellent track record in conducting research and consultation studies with ‘hard to reach’ groups. On the survey side we have a tried and trusted model of using locally trained ‘community interviewers’ that live and work in the community. Many of our community interviewers are bi-lingual so we can cover the main language groups of the community being surveyed.


On the qualitative side our practice of using community interviewers entails working with a community to find appropriate participants and venues. Over the years this practice has consistently achieved a very high level of attendance at our focus groups.

Our engagement of  ‘hard to reach’  and ‘hidden’ communities at grassroots level and experience of working in partnership with BME, young people, faith and other groups has placed us uniquely in terms of accessing the views of these groups.


Our work entails empowering individuals to participate in decision-making processes e.g. Local Authority, LEA, PCT, Social Housing, Police and School Governing Bodies. This leads to effective long term engagement.


We also work with the above public bodies to ensure their engagement practices are robust and innovative to ensure hard to reach communities can connect with the organisation.


Reaching out to all section of community, we are expert in organising public meetings and smaller focus groups, assuring a two-way flow of well disseminated information, designing questionnaires, carrying out research, skills audits and identifying any barriers or perceived barriers to influencing public services.


In short we:


Support public bodies to effectively reach out


Reach out and engage ‘hard to reach’ communities


Build the capacity of community groups to enable them to engage effectively


Raise public service awareness


Hold focus group and training sessions


Empower individuals and groups to participate in decision-making processes


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