There’s an elephant in the room…


Diversity and inclusion isn’t about ticking boxes or being politically correct - it’s about relationships, culture and attitude.

Organisations that fully embrace diversity and inclusion recognise that it more than a matter of benchmarking, ’statements’ or networking groups. This indeed, has a place within an inclusive organisation, but on their own do not achieve the necessary outcomes required to make a difference.

Our approach is different - and one that does get results.

We know that diversity affects everything.  Not merely organisational structure, culture and processes but through to individuals; their behaviour; communication; relationships, attitudes and prejudices.

From the organisational perspective we identify issues and advise at policy, strategy and operational levels to bring about real change.

At the individual level, we use tools and techniques to provide insight into key behaviours associated with inclusiveness, or its reverse. And we reveal it in the people who matter most - themselves.


Our expertise includes …

Embracing Equality and Diversity (from policy to practice)

Auditing and Review (pre-inspection audits and health checks

Critical Friend

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) (developing toolkits and frameworks) 

Embedding equality through training

Developing diverse procurement practices and supplier diversity

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