Scratch the surface, what do you see?

Before organisation can progress, develop and improve. They need to understand where they currently are.

P3 can help you to assess where you are regarding equality and diversity, how you match up to legal requirements, the demands of regulatory bodies and best practice. We can help benchmark your organisation against other similar organisations.

We have developed a range of organisational audit/review templates which reflect relevant legal, regulatory and good practice functions, and have customised these to our previous clients.

In addition to carrying out process driven audits/reviews we also undertake Staff Perception Reviews. The Staff Perception Review contains information on such areas as staff opinions on key issues around inclusiveness, well being, diversity, their knowledge and understanding of relevant equality issues, and their own experience.

Such reviews can benchmark where an organisation is in these areas, and also ensures that staff (and other stakeholders) views and perspectives form an integral part of work in the area.

Following the review/audit, we make recommendations for any changes required, building on best practice already in place in an organisation, identifying any gaps and suggesting the relevant action required.


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